1. Posted by caseiouxyz, — Reply

    I'm always afraid of having shelves with lots of stuff on them right on top of the bed cause I feel that one day everything will just fall while I'm sleeping and hit me

  2. Posted by Shalyn9616, — Reply

    This girl is on YouTube, did they even credit her?

  3. Posted by AnimeAddictYouCantStop, — Reply

    Omg guys, go watch her on YouTube! Her channel is “linh troung” she’s really funny and makes a lot of sense!

  4. Posted by taylorkarbowiak, — Reply

    I like how linh is an actual queen and they didn't even credit her

  5. Posted by adeliazulaikha, — Reply

    does anyone know if she has a Pinterest acc ? her name is linh truong but I can't seem to find it

  6. Posted by paytonurmom, — Reply

    omg i watched her vid on youtube

  7. Posted by igerharter, — Reply

    this is linh truong on yt, did she get credit at all?

  8. Posted by jenna_downey07, — Reply

    she's literally my fav youtuber lol

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  10. Posted by erikanastase40, — Reply

    Why so cluttered look at the fairy lights i know its meant to look like that but like why??

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